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Investing in Real Estate Using the Buy-&-Hold Strategy

This is by far one of the most common strategies. It’s a great way to build long term wealth. I personally believe that buying and holding real estate for the long term is one of the most effective wealth building strategies. It’s been the strategy of choice by many of the world’s wealthiest people since the beginning of time.

The definition is actually quite self-explanatory. Using the Buy & Hold strategy simply means that you would buy a parcel of property with the intent to hold it for an extended period of time. There are certain benefits that you’ll get with this strategy that you won’t with other strategies such as asset appreciation and passive income.

This strategy can be used for all different property types such as single families, multi families, condos, commercial and even raw land. You can create passive income by renting out space to private individuals/families or businesses. The choice is yours.

This can be a very lucrative strategy, however I recommend that you invest in educational material on property management if you’re new to real estate investing.

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