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Real Estate Investing

This is a subset of real estate that I absolutely love! As an investor myself, I have a passion for helping other Real Estate Investors find the perfect Income Producing Property and keeping that property filled with Quality Tenants.


If you're interested in real estate as an investment, it’s extremely important that you either have a vast knowledge of the Investing Climate, Acquisition Strategies, Exit Strategies, Due Diligence and Real Estate Mathematics or you have a Real Estate Professional in your corner that is proficient in these areas. You can browse this entire website and you won’t

see me ranting over how I’m better suited to serve you over the next agent. Helping clients buy & sell owner-occupied properties is easy! However,

when it comes to investing in real estate, you can lose THOUSANDS of dollars if you and your agent don’t know what you’re doing. 

About RE Investing

I strongly recommend that if you're planning to use any other agent in Connecticut or abroad, you should interview them FIRST and ask them to share their knowledge in real estate investing. Ask them if they are familiar with how to calculate "MAO", "Gross Rent Multiplier" and "Cap Rates". These are very simple real estate mathematical formulas that are very necessary to ensure that you are buying a sound investment.

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