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How to get your home SOLD (step 1 Outside Prep)

There is a process to getting your home sold in any market. If you're considering selling your home or a rental property now or at some time in the future, You'd definitely want to read every post in this series. Follow this advise as closely as you can, if not, you'll probably find yourself reducing the price and settling for a low-ball offer. So here it is...

Step 1 - Outside Prep

Prior to your buyer ever stepping foot into the property, you have to catch his/her attention online with an awesome first photo. The first photo generally captures the yard and front of the home. Therefore it's imperative that curb appeal is on point before your Realtor even starts taking photos. If you fail here, the buyer will never even click to see all that your property has to offer.

Landscaping is the first thing buyers see as they pull up to the property. Make sure they have a great first impression. At minimum, cut the lawn (and keep it trim throughout the listing), trim the bushes, refreshen the mulch, pull up the weeds, get rid of the gnomes and other personal artifacts, remove or replace the sun-worn patio furniture and pick up the kid's toys. Oh and please Please PLEASE... Pick up after your pets!!!

Next, look at the outside of the house. How does the paint/siding look? Is that frisbee still on the roof from last year? How do the gutters look? Are they hanging? Do they need to be cleaned? Does the front door need to be painted? Are the house numbers missing/dingy/hanging? Does the house need to be power-washed? Do you have nasty neighbors? If so, consider having a face-to-face conversation with them to let them know that about the problem. Of course if you feel that your safety may be in jeopardy by confronting them, it may not be a good idea. Maybe the old saying "Good fences make good neighbors" is a good route for you. These issues must be addressed prior to listing the property to optimize each opportunity to snag a buyer.

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