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CHFA Set to Approve $365M in Loans for Housing Developments in Newington & West Hartford

The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) is expected to give the green light to $365 million in loans for the development of new housing in Newington and West Hartford.

The loans will be used to finance the construction of multi-family and single-family homes, as well as to rehabilitate existing properties. The projects are expected to create hundreds of new affordable housing units for residents of the area.

The CHFA's decision to approve these loans reflects its ongoing commitment to increasing the availability of affordable housing throughout Connecticut. By providing funding for these housing developments, the CHFA is helping to address the state's pressing housing needs, including a shortage of affordable housing and a lack of housing options for low- and middle-income families.

This announcement is a significant step forward in the effort to make affordable housing more accessible in Connecticut, and it demonstrates the CHFA's dedication to supporting the state's communities and residents.


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