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Say No to HB 6657: Nonconsensual Towing Bill

Housing providers that offer assigned parking are strongly urged to contact their legislators and voice their opposition to a proposed bill, HB 6657, which concerns nonconsensual towing. The bill is to be voted on by the Transportation Committee, and it is important for housing providers to contact the leadership of the committee and request them to kill this bill.

The Bill proposes to provide multiple warnings and 24-hour notice before towing, which is not a practical way to operate a parking lot for apartments or stores. It will lead to chaos in most apartment communities and can potentially lead to physical conflicts. It will also require property managers to attend and be present when a towing is in progress, which can be a recipe for violence against property managers, who are often women.

Residents will be inconvenienced when a trespasser takes their assigned spot, and there are no consequences other than a warning notice. Small commercial plazas will have no control over their lots for daily parking of customers (RVs, commuters, the guy working next door will just park there because there are no consequences) again inconveniencing everyone.

When rule violators have 24 hours to move their cars, and can repeatedly get warning notices without getting towed, they will only continue the bad behavior. Not allowing the automatic removal of unauthorized vehicles by contract will repeatedly inconvenience the good tenants and good business owners that are trying to peacefully use their property.

Therefore, housing providers are strongly urged to contact their legislators and request them to reject this bill. The housing providers strongly oppose this bill since it infringes on their rights to operate their parking lots and private property as they see fit.

Please contact your legislators and voice your opposition to HB 6657, the Nonconsensual Towing Bill.


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